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Skin Care and Tips

Tips | Skin Care


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Skin Care

If you’re tanning indoors, you want to tan with some type of tanning accelerator to help get the best color and keep your skin healthy. But what many don’t realize, in order to achieve optimum results, it is crucial to maintain moist and healthy skin after tanning as well.

Immediately After UV Exposure

It can take up to 48 hours after UV exposure for your tan to fully develop. By moisturizing and re-hydrating right after UV exposure you help your skin boost collagen production, promote skin elasticity, and help achieve the best and longest lasting tan possible.

While Bathing

When showering or bathing, select products designed to be gentle to the skin. Products with low Alkaline Base will help prevent drying of the skin and help keep your tan longer. Try VersaSpa Pro Body Wash, specifically designed for tanners needs. Also try Designer Skin’s No Apologies shaving lotion for a close, tan-preserving shave!

After Bathing

Use a moisturizer after bathing while the skin is still damp. Applying moisturizer to dry skin is of little use because it is not very easily absorbed. The result would be similar to putting hair conditioner on dry hair – you wouldn’t get an even absorption across the shaft of the hair. Try Devoted Creation’s Crown of Gold for skin hydration and a hint of color.

After You Workout

When you workout you perspire. Consequently, your body loses moisture through the skin. Help keep your tan going by reapplying moisturizer after your workout.

Drink Up

In order to complete the skincare picture, remember to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This re-hydrates tired & stressed out skin, helps clear up facial blemishes and helps shed unwanted pounds. So drink up and reap the benefits.

The Forces of Nature

There are many forces at work against keeping your skin healthy. During the winter, lack of humidity and the wind remove critical moisture from the skin. During the summer the sun’s rays, chlorine in the pool, and the sand and salt at the beach all work against your skin. Be your skin’s friend and select a high quality moisturizer, something with no mineral oils or petroleum to clog your pores. Try one of our daily moisturizers or see a tanning consultant for recommendations.