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Tanning Lotions

Did you know indoor tanning lotions help you tan up to 70% faster?!! Moist skin absorbs UV rays whereas dry skin reflects UV rays. It can take dry skin up to the first 7 minutes or so of your tanning session to start tanning. Don’t waste your tanning dollars on dry skin!

We carry a wide variety of indoor tanning lotions that not only help you tan faster, but provide many benefits to your skin as well! Our lotions are available in bronzers (giving you instant color), non-bronzers, tingles and coolants. Many contain skin firming, anti-aging, silicone and tan-extending ingredients to take care of your skin, even when you’re not tanning. Ask our tanning consultants about the different types of lotions available.

Note: Outdoor tanning lotions may not be used in tanning beds. They will damage the acrylics and decrease the tanning quality!